Towing the All-Electric Sierra Pickup Truck Out

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Help! Towed the S15 Out, But Discovered Possible Problems

Yess! Thanks for the good guys at AcceleRate, we gotcha an electric car; a pickup truck, actually, albeit a smaller one. Accelrate is a high-tech startup that is developing a super-fast battery charger, which will be required in the future world of clean, green energy, imho.

Fortunately, this electric vehicle isn't one that wasn't killed (not a murder victim in the movie, "Who Killed The Electric Car", that is) but it needs some tender loving restoration. Here's what it was like to move it, and tow it, to its new base. Then, we're gonna' put in some dead wheelchair batteries, rescued from industrial-recycling, and make this baby go do some sutainable errands. But we need some couch experts to give us some advice on puzzles and rusty-looking parts. Check the photos. Zoom in, and expand the photos, with a mouse click. All suggestions are appreciated.

Later, we're also going to try some really novel stuff, like maybe equip it with Thermoelectric panels (not solar, 'cuz everybody knows solar and wind) to turn waste heat back into usable electricity. Ghosts of Tesla, eh?

This electric vehicle would cost only $70/year in electricity if it were used daily. A set of new batteries would have cost $2000-$3000 and might last 30,000 kilometers or so. However, imho, this is *not* a time to think about cost or dollars. In perhaps ten years, or even sooner, should a Greenland ice sheet suddenly slide into the sea, governments might suddenly prohibit the use of gasoline vehicles, since Extinction is looming. This planet's carbon dioxide level is already in the general range of one of the last Great Dyings. Cost of fuel won't be important to anyone facing death, eh? What can you do with your money when you're extinct? Whatcha' say, cost-accountant, whatcha' gonna' do, bad boy? If scientists' predictions are right, we'll hafta' shut down everthing that burns carbon in several years, or if methane suddenly bubbles out of seas, or hurricanes pound more seacosts where hurricanes have never been seen, as is already happening. Climate Change, its here.

So, let's get this sustainable car, back on the road(show), eh?

By the way, the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association is showing "Who Killed The Electric Car" at Ridge Theatre, next month, for its fundraiser. If we can make it to Ridge, we'll hand out revived batteries, for those kids who need 'em for their toys.